From the President

At left you will find an update of our Company Policy regarding parts returned to Mygrant Glass Company.

I am sure you share our concern to find an equitable solution to this costly problem.

We are doing our best to eliminate errors as they occur. However, we solicit your usual cooperation to assist our efforts.

Thank you for your concern.

Yours very truly,

Mike Mygrant

Return Policy


Please, do not return any part without prior authorization. A driver cannot pick up parts without a pick-up receipt to give to you. The part number, color, brand plus the correct customer delivery receipt must be provided to authorize a pick-up receipt.

Labels and Sleeves

Parts being returned must still have the Mygrant Glass Inventory Label attached. If the product being returned came in a sleeve then the sleeve with the label must be returned. These labels allow for quick processing of your return(s) and the processing of your future orders.

Clean Installed Parts Before Returning

Please do not return previously installed parts with the sealant still on them. Please clean the sealant off so that it will keep our truck racks clean and your next order will arrive clean.

Parts that have primer on them are not returnable.

Defective Parts

Returned parts with identifiable manufacturing quality defects will receive full credit.

Broken and Scratched Parts

Broken glass, as a rule is not considered to be a quality defect. If a reason is found to return a broken or scratched part for determination of credit worthiness, the local branch manager will notify you if credit is denied.

Allowable Time Period for Returns

We allow a 30 day time period for parts to be returned. You don't need them at your shop and we need to have them back in our inventory to sell.

Any parts after 30 days will be subject to review and a restocking fee of 15%; after 60 days the restocking fee will be 20%; after 90 days each return is reviewed on an individual basis, and fees of 50% or more will be applied if the return is allowed at all. This is a costly issue for you and our company.