Policy Information

Returns are all subject to an approval process and credit is not guaranteed. A full outline of our policy is available online here:

    » Full Return Policy

Time Limits and Fees

We will accept valid part returns within 30 days of the original delivery. Requests beyond this date are subject to review and a restocking fee.

Time After Purchase Fees
Less than 30 days (None)
After 30 days 15%
After 60 days 20%
After 90 days* 50% and up

* Returns after 90 days may not be approved in some cases.


As part of our commitment to support installers, our drivers will pick up parts that you wish to return in the event of a problem. While we try to be flexible, parts will generally be picked up at the next delivery date rather than immediately upon request.

Processing returns is very expensive for Mygrant Glass, and we ask that you work with us to use the system responsibly rather than abusing it. Mygrant must fully absorb the cost of pulling, delivering, picking up, and restocking a part; other concerns include increased risk of breakage from extra handling and overpurchasing of parts to replace "sold" items which then come back to us.

Responsible Return Guidelines

  • Only return parts purchased from Mygrant Glass
    We do not accept parts purchased from other companies!
  • Clean glass parts before returning
    Please clean sealant off previously installed parts before returning. Parts with primer on them are not returnable. We need to keep our trucks and racks clean to avoid damage to other products.
  • Avoid ordering extra parts "just in case"
    If you are unsure of your customer's exact vehicle model, which side is broken, or which color glass you will need, please find out before ordering. If you have questions about which features a certain piece of glass has, we would gladly check it in our warehouse rather than have it ordered and returned.
  • Return parts as soon as possible
    If you do end up with the wrong part, or your customer cancels, or there is some other problem, request a return right away. You don't need the part in your shop and we would like to have it back to sell to someone else!

By working within these guidelines, you can help us keep our costs down and our prices more competitive.